Twitch streamers elderly dog gets her banned by having a dump on livestream

A streamer on Twitch has been banned after her dog took a dump on her while she was live on the social media site.

Bans are usually aimed at people who break the terms set by social-media providers – but on this occasion it seems the crime was committed by an animal.

The Twitch streamer, called Valannnnn, was happily chatting away as usual when the 12-year-old shiba inu decided to do his business on her while she still live on air.

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The dog, called Kouki, accidentally let one out all over his owner when she picked him up for a cuddle.

As she was holding him, she suddenly noticed he was cracking on with his business all over her – and she had to dash out of the room to sort herself out.

Unsurprisingly, the slightly grim but amusing footage quickly went viral. But one perhaps unexpected consequence was that she soon discovered she’d fallen foul of Twitch's terms and conditions, and she found herself slapped with a one-day ban.

Valannnnn took to Twitter to share the news, and said: “My first time EVER getting banned on Twitch because my 12 year old dog, Kouki, accidentally pooped on my stream.

“Does this really keep the community safe? [Shaking my head]”.

She also posted a screenshot of the message Twitch had sent her, which ticked her off for “sharing content featuring bodily fluids”.

Somewhat harshly, she was told she’d been banned for “deliberately sharing content featuring bodily fluids such as blood, urine, faeces, vomit, etc”.

Valannnnn said: “As I lifted him up he started to poop and you see a little droplet and that’s when I ran to take him outside. So yes, poop is not allowed.”

The good news for the streamer was that her ban was lifted after a day – and the publicity she got from her little dog taking a c**p on her has probably boosted her profile quite a bit.

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