Twitter goes wild over big bats penis in innocent video

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Dirty-minded social media users have shared their shock over an innocent video that appears to show a bat with a large member.

Amused users took to Twitter to share their surprise after seeing more than they bargained for in the short clip, which showed a large bat hanging upside down on a metal bar.

The mammal appears to be resting at the front of a café with its wings outstretched, flapping them as it moves its head around.

A caption on the post read: "I had no idea there were bats this big"

But it seems everyone's attention has been directed down, with the size of the bat's penis featuring in many of the replies.

One person joked: "I think it's a boy", while another wrote: "We all looked at the same thing"

Another commented on the user that posted the comment, saying: "I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really curious about the bat but something that’s part of that bat"

Others focused on the overall size of the bat itself, writing: "Where in the world are bats this size so I know to never ever book a flight there"

One user was left unimpressed however, commenting: "There are bigger ones that have horse like faces… Not horse size lol but bigger then this."

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Another user also identified the café in question as Luwak coffee in the tourist hotspot of Bali.

Fruit bats are one of the few species in the animal world known to engage in both male and female oral sex, which is believed to be used as a mechanism for prolonging intercourse between mating animals.

For some species of bat mating activity takes place upside down, while others use of walls of caves or nearby rocks.

Most male and female bat species look identical, with their genitals being the quickest method of determining between the two.

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