Uber driver stabbed in Boulder by group of teenagers speaks out

Three years ago, Disney Gonzalez started driving for Uber full-time as a form of therapy. But three weeks ago, he accepted a ride in the early morning hours near South Broadway and Evans that threatened his one place for peace.

“As I came to the corner that morning, I realized that there was a group of kids — about five or six kids. I said to them, ‘I’m sorry guys, but I can only take three people. If you split the group, I can take you.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh come on, we can all get packed in the back.’ And I said no,” Gonzalez said.

“Two kids jump on me. I try to cover myself and when I’m pushing (one teen)… (another) jumps on this side and hit me with a kick in the mouth. I turned around and pushed one again, and I feel it right in my back again. Bam, bam.”

He had been stabbed several times. Paramedics arrived quickly to save his life. Today, his body is covered in scars and the pain won’t let him forget that day but his main worry now is providing for his family. A GoFundMe is gathering donations to help them.

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