Uh oh! Watch embarrassed dog realises he’s in the wrong house

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During the clip filmed by Oli Marr, the footage begins by showing the young man walking around his home and entering the kitchen. At the same time, the canine, which appears to be a Border Collie, calmly walks through, smiling and wagging his tail.

Stopping suddenly in front of Oli, the dog quickly looks up as its smile quickly disappears and makes a low, groaning noise.

Appearing to have panicked or feeling embarrassed by the situation the furry animal immediately turns on his heels and runs out of the kitchen.

As the hilarious scene plays out, a caption appears at the bottom of the screen narrating to viewers on TikTok, which reads: “The moment this dog realised this ain’t his house and we ain’t his humans.”

Since being uploaded to the social sharing video site, the nine second clip has been watched over 35 million times and gained over 9.2 million likes.

Thousands of viewers have shared their reactions to the funny video, with many people sympathising with the dog’s reaction and sharing similar awkward scenarios.

One TikTok user said: “Me when I accidentally went into the men’s bathroom.”

Another person added: “When you walk into the wrong class on the second day of school.”


Poor pooch ##dog ##hoomans

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TikTok user Oli, who captured the reaction on camera, revealed to viewers that his brother had bumped into the same dog a week prior in their home.

Unfortunately, his sibling did not have the same amusing encounter, as the dog was caught going to the toilet on the rug.

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