UK drug lord could make millions selling story to Netflix after years in jail

Drug lord Curtis “Cocky” Warren could make a mint selling his story when he is freed from jail after 23 years.

Streaming services and movie bosses are ready to pay “millions” for the rights.

The 59-year-old has already been inundated with offers.

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And pals say Warren, from Liverpool, is ready to tell all when he walks free in November.

An underworld source told the Daily Star Sunday: “It’s a cracking story isn’t it?

“Kid from Toxteth rises through the ranks to become one of the biggest drug dealers in the world doing business with the Cali Cartel in Colombia, and is even named on the Sunday Times rich list.

“And that’s just the stuff that’s already out there.

“There’s so much more that people don’t know. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

“He’s had loads of offers… big names in Hollywood. Streaming giants have also been offering big numbers for his story.”

Once freed, Warren will be under close scrutiny at the highest level, and will not be allowed assets worth over £1,000, despite allegedly having £198million squirrelled away.

He will face other curbs on his lifestyle under a serious crime prevention order.

Our source said: “He’ll be looking to the future and right now teaming up with film-makers is looking like his best bet.

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“The only thing possibly holding him back is that he’ll be thrust into the limelight – that’s something he hasn’t been used to as he’s had to stay in the shadows.”

At one point Warren had a fortune estimated at £300m. He was jailed for 13 years in 2009 over a cannabis-smuggling plot.

He got another 10 year after failing to pay a £198m confiscation order, among Europe’s biggest.

Undercover police arrested him in 2007 days after he had been released from prison in Holland for a massive drugs conspiracy.

He has spent much of the last 25 years in jail.

The Ministry of Justice said they would not comment on individual cases.


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