UK heatwave map: Sweltering 89F to roast Britain as Europe to hit 43C

Heatwave conditions will bake the UK and Europe in late July, causing temperatures to reach past 30C for the third time this year. The country has seen frequent to-and-fros with the weather this summer, with successive heatwaves edged by unsettled bluster. Thursday and Friday will prove blistering for many Brits, who will see near-record temperatures for the time of the month.

The latest weather maps reveal a boiling hot picture for the last few days of July this year.

Although the forecast is currently cold, rainy and windy, conditions will rapidly improve by Friday.

By Thursday in the UK, people will see a return to sweltering high 20C temperatures.

Maps from and WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, show temperatures will push 26C by Thursday.

By Friday the mercury will spike above 30C in the southeast according to another map from

They show the southeast will receive the brunt of the relentless heat, with colder but still hot temperatures up north.

London will see at least 31C according to the map, and areas around the city will bask in 25C to 29C.

Further north the country cools down slightly, but with highs still between 19C and 26C.

The picture is much the same in Europe, but mainland residents will have to endure more extreme temperatures.

Weather maps and forecasters both predict temperatures will breach the 40C mark by Thursday.

BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said several countries would exceed this level.

Mr Schafernaker said: “Lots of hot sunshine across Portugal, Spain and France. We’ll see temperatures in the coming day potentially exceeding 40C.

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“In the northwest of Europe and Scandinavia, it will be a good deal cooler.”

“We’re seeing currents of air coming off the Atlantic and along with spells of rain.

“In the south of Europe, the coasts of Turkey will be around 33C. Very similar in Greece.”

Spain will see the highest extremes on the continent this week, with highs of 42.3C on Thursday.

WXCharts shows a white haze stretching from Medina-Sidonia towards the northeast carrying the temperatures as far as Antequera.

Spanish meteorological agency AEMet has released warnings for several other regions in the country on the same day.

Bizkaia interior to the north has a red extreme temperature alert for July 30, with temperatures up to 40C expected between 2pm and 9pm.

Another 19 regions in the north also have warnings for extreme temperatures of 40C to 41C, alongside nine in the south.

Most other regions have yellow heat alerts which forecast highs between 35C and 39C.

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