UK hot weather forecast: Sizzling 29C blast to torch Britain as 5-day heatwave hits nation

BBC Weather: Low-pressure front to bring rainy conditions to UK

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Britons can expect an end to the heavy downpours and stormy conditions from the start of next week, as heatwave-like conditions are set to move in. New weather charts show temperatures are set to rise to the mid-20s from Tuesday, August 10, peaking at a scorching 29C by Friday afternoon. The maps show much of the UK will bask in the sizzling summer heat.

Netweather’s temperature charts show conditions are set to markedly improve from Tuesday, August 10, as the mercury rises to the mid-20s.

The map, valid for 6pm, shows huge swathes of England turn a deep red as 23-25C is forecast.

Similar conditions are expected on Wednesday, with highs of 25C forecast.

Thursday is set to be even warmer, with 23C forecast across much of the south, with a hot 26C forecast in the capital.

The best of the sunny weather is set to come on Friday afternoon, as the whole of England can expect temperatures to soar to the high-20s.

A weather map shows much of the UK turn a dark red, indicating the soaring temperatures.

Parts of southern England can expect highs of 29C, with temperatures ranging between 25-28C elsewhere.

Wales is also set for warm weather, with highs of 25C forecast.

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Parts of Scotland will see highs of 24C, while Northern Ireland will be a little cooler with 21C forecast.

The warm weather is expected to continue through Saturday, with highs of 28C forecast across the east of England.

Temperatures will be a little cooler across the west of the UK, as the mercury struggles to rise above the high teens.

The warm spell is only expected to last the five days however, as temperatures dip again by Sunday afternoon.

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Netweather forecasters said the change in conditions is due to a jet stream that is shifting towards the British Isles, “allowing high pressure to build from the south-west”.

They added: “This will result in a generally west to south-westerly airflow over the British Isles early in the week, with high pressure increasingly ridging into the south and east as the week progresses, potentially bringing more of a southerly flow at times.

“Thus, temperatures are expected to be on the rise this week, often into the low to mid-20s Celsius in eastern and central parts of England, and probably reaching the high 20s Celsius quite widely at some point towards the end of the week.”

The Met Office forecasts sunny spells and warm conditions from next week, especially in the south of England.

They said: “Temperatures are most likely to be around average, perhaps warm in the east and southeast.”

But the forecasters warned rainy spells are also likely to dominate in the north of the UK.

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