UK hot weather forecast: When will the heatwave return? Forecasters pinpoint date

UK Weather: Met Office predicts bright spells with sporadic downpours

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Storm Evert’s arrival last week brought torrential rain and wind gusts as high as 70mph to some parts of the UK, prompting many to wonder if the hot weather the UK experienced last month was well and truly over. With the potential for Storm Fleur to be named this week as an area of low pressure crosses the UK, any prospect of a heatwave soon seems out of the question. But according to the latest weather forecasts, Brits may expect to see some hot weather again later this month.

At the minute, the potential for another heatwave hasn’t been suggested by forecasters.

But some weather forecasts suggest much warmer weather could start to make a return from August 16 in the UK.

Forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending told the Mirror: “People are wondering whether autumn has arrived early – but summer isn’t over.

“Jet stream energy from Canada will bring wet and windy weather this week, with more impacts also expected next week.

“But there is optimism for warm periods from August 16, with 30C heat certainly possible before summer ends.”

UK weather maps also suggest mid-August could mark the return of warmer weather in the UK.

WXCHARTS maximum temperature charts show temperatures as high as 24C for parts of southern and eastern England on August 11.

Scorching maximum temperatures of 27C could also be possible on August 13 in some areas of southern England.

For the rest of the UK on this date, other parts of the country could see maximum temperatures hovering around 21 to 26C.

Around mid-August, the Met Office predict temperatures could be “trending closer to” or even “perhaps above average” in the UK.

And the Met Office long-range forecast for August 17 to 31 suggests “warmer than average” weather could hit the UK in the second half of August too.

The forecast reads: “Whilst there are current signals of a drier and warmer than average period from the middle of August, occasional spells of more unsettled weather, primarily in the northwest, remains possible.

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“Accompanying this is a low risk of short-lived thundery spells, these mainly in southeastern parts.

“Confidence through this period remains low at present. However, most should see dry and fine weather.

“Above average temperatures continue to be indicated through the second half of August, with a small possibility of very warm conditions at times in southern areas.”

According to Netweather, the hot weather may come in “one or two short-lived interludes” rather than a prolonged period.

Netweather’s forecast for August 16 to 24 reads: “There is plenty of uncertainty over this period, but there is some chance of the high pressure to the south moving further north and east, especially early in the period, bringing a spell of hot and sunny weather to many parts of the UK, but it will probably be a case of one or two short-lived interludes rather than an extended anticyclonic spell.

“Overall, temperatures are expected to be above average during this period as a result, most likely by around 2C for most parts of the UK, although in Scotland and Northern Ireland positive anomalies of nearer 1C are likely.

“Confidence in rainfall totals is low, as there are likely to be some unsettled, possibly thundery, interludes during this period.

“Sunshine totals will most likely be rather above normal for most parts of the UK.”

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