UK Pablo Escobar with Rich List fortune and lair heading for luxury penthouse

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    Britain's answer to Pablo Escobar will move into a luxury £2m penthouse when he walks free from prison next month.

    Drugs baron Curtis "Cocky" Warren spent almost all of the last 25 years in jail after a 1996 raid on his lair in the Netherlands brought his web of dodgy dealings to an end.

    But in just three weeks he will out and living in Liverpool's redeveloped docklands, rubbing shoulders with the city's elite and enjoying stunning views of the Mersey estuary – all while not paying a penny in rent thanks to wealthy pals on the outside.

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    Warren came from humble beginnings, growing up on the streets of Toxteth in inner-city Liverpool before entering the criminal underworld and earning him comparisons to world-famous Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar.

    Trafficking cocaine, heroin and weed from Britain across the globe, he was one of the world's most notorious drug kingpins and was identified by the FBI as one of around a dozen overlords working together to pocket an eye-watering £500billion from organised crime.

    While British Customs investigators gave him the nickname "Target One", teens in his home city wore T-shirts emblazoned with his face and worshipped him as a hero.

    Warren managed to amass a £200million fortune all while living a lavish lifestyle and even made it to the Sunday Times Rich List alongside the likes of Sir Trevor Nunn and the Marquess of Lothian.

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    However, his lavish life wasn't to last – Warren's shady enterprise was brought to a crashing halt when his Holland hide-out was raided in 1996 and he was dealt a handful of convictions.

    In the Netherlands, he was sentenced to a 12-year stint for importing £75 million worth of cocaine and was given another four years for the manslaughter of another inmate after his peer was killed in an exercise yard fight.

    Just after his release, he was slapped with another 13 years behind bars for smuggling £1 million of cannabis into Jersey.

    He was later given another ten years for refusing to comply with a profits of crime confiscation order It requiring him to repay the UK authorities £198million – the amount it was believed he had stashed away in bank accounts or invested in property across Europe.

    With a lengthy criminal record to his name, Warren will be walking free from HM Prison Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire in just three weeks' time.

    For the first five years after his release, he will be closely monitored by the National Crime Agency.

    His every move will be guided by a strict 30-page serious crime prevention order – one of the most limiting imposed on any released inmate.

    Some of the restrictions he will have to live by include not getting into someone’s car without giving a day’s notice to his handler; being banned from using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; and having provide details of all assets or property valued at more than £1,000.

    It may seem the former kingpin has little to look forward to on the outside but, as MailOnline reports, Warren has pulled off one more stunt ahead of his release.

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    Warren's wealthy friends have ensured the drug lord will not be living in misery and have ensured he will enjoy the finer things, making sure his penthouse apartment is ready for him upon his release.

    The crime boss will also be given the keys to a nice "motor" which, as long as he provides his handler with all the details about the car, won’t contravene the order.

    His former lieutenant, Stephen Mee, was amazed that his former pals were willing to associate with Warren.

    He said: "If you are someone with lots of money and you give gifts to Curtis, the police will be crawling all over you.

    "I don’t know many people who would do that [provide the penthouse]. I think most people would be scared to go anywhere near Curtis now."


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