UK Parliament infiltrated by Fifth Column of Putin chums, claims expert

The United Kingdom's Parliament could be full of Russian spies trying to “get this country to back off” from supporting Russia, a top defence expert warned.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Professor Anthony Glees said that our Parliament may have been infiltrated by a "Fifth Column of Putinistas".

Russian activity in the UK came to stark reality when Russian President Vladimir Putin's men poisoned Sergei and Yulia Skripal with Novichok nerve agent in Salisbury, Wiltshire, in 2018.

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And while several measures were taken to punish Russia, with 153 diplomats kicked out of the country, it appears the threat has not gone away.

Professor Glees said that our Parliament may have already been infiltrated: “Putin's Military Intelligence GRU goons have been busy for a decade coming here and killing with impunity at Putin's behest.

“We will be seeing more of them, I fear, especially when Putin realises he is losing big time in Ukraine.

“I worry about Putin's chums already in the UK; I have no doubt at all that there is a 'Fifth Column' of Putinistas in the UK who are doing their best to get this country to back off from supporting Ukraine – they've not got a snowball's chance in hell of doing so.

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“Putin's guys read the newspapers like we all do and realise that there's now a good chance the Tories are on their way out, and probably rather quickly.

“So his attention will turn to Russia's more traditional friends, on the left – indeed the investment of Russian gold in the Tory party seems to have been wholly wasted, more fool them for thinking they could rely on Boris!”

Professor Glees warned that top security agency MI5 might not have the resources to deal with a Russian invasion into the UK's political life for either party, however.

But, he said, the need to start “checking” all MPs, especially Labour, is urgent.

“I can't see that MI5 has the resources or the authority to start checking out who in Labour might be on the receiving end of Russian offers but they should do, and fast,” he explained.

“They were far too slow off the starting block in respect of the danger posed by Putin after 2010.

“This is very worrying. It's about people, and money and influence; these are things that have to be dealt with by human beings, cyber and GCHQ won't hack this.”

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