UK snow forecast: March roars out as Britain be battered by shock cold event this week

BBC Weather: Cold weather to bring snow for parts of UK

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Forecasters have said conditions will revert back to expected winds and rains by Tuesday. However, snow could fall over much of the UK, as far south as coastal areas such as Brighton and Folkestone, on Thursday, with a chance of 45% of snow predicted by Netweather in both places.

Tyler Ros, Accuweather senior European forecaster, told March will “roar out like a lion” amid cold weather, snow and rains.

He said: “A cold front will be moving into Scotland on Tuesday from the northeast. Behind it, cold air originating from the Arctic Sea will make its way into the United Kingdom.

“A storm will develop off this cold front over the United Kingdom on Wednesday. This storm will move into northern France by Thursday afternoon.

“With the cold air in play, the freezing levels will drop, this will allow rain to change over to snow.

“Snow levels will drop to 500 ft (150 m) across the United Kingdom particularly on Wednesday to Friday. 

“Snow is expected to accumulate one to three inches (3-8 cm) across locations that are above 500 ft (150 m) across the eastern Scottish Highlands, the Southern Uplands, the Peninees, the central Midlands and central southern England between Tuesday night and Thursday.

“There will remain snow chances in the Scottish Highlands through Friday night. At this time, any accumulating snow is expected to occur west of London.

“The likely times snow will accumulate will be late Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Due to the time of the year, ANY snow that does occur during the daytime will have a hard time accumulating due to the high-sun angle.

“At best any accumulation will be on non-paved surfaces while roads will be wet. I cannot rule out snow below 500 ft (150 m), including London, during this stretch, BUT it is more likely to mix with rain.

“I can’t rule out in any steadier period of rain that it briefly goes over to snow, but any accumulation below 500 ft (150 m) is not likely. It could instead briefly white the non-paved surfaces.

“The best chance for a mix of rain and snow to occur in the London Metro will be late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. This would occur during the morning commute.

“Again, we do not expect any accumulation on paved surfaces, especially below 500 ft (150 m).”

Meanwhile, WXCharts indicates snow will begin to move down from Scotland at midnight on Wednesday.

By 6am, 2cm of snow falls over Newcastle and Leeds, while Carlisle sees 1cm an hour, with Scotland experiencing most of its snow localised near Inverness.

Snow then moves further into England at midday, with Sheffield experiencing around 1cm an hour and 5cm on the ground near Leeds.

At midnight the front of snow striking Britain throughout the day stays in the east of the midlands, where Birmingham sees 1cm an hour and Suffolk has 2cm an hour.

On Thursday, the front is expected to push into Wales and the south of England, with Cardiff struck by 1cm an hour and 4cm on the ground in Cambridge by 6am.

The front of weather pushes into the south coast and London by midday, while more snow forms over the midlands, north England and Scotland.

London and Southampton see 2cm an hour, according to the maps, while less than 1cm falls over much of Britain.

Most of the snow pushes into France and away from Britain by 6am on Friday.

According to snow depth charts, the most snow will be on the ground at 9am on Thursday, with 7cm, or nearly 3 inches, in Leeds and near Inverness, and 4cm in Cambridge.

Mr Ros also noted “Thursday and Friday will be the coolest days of the week”, as temperatures in the afternoon range from around -5C in the Scottish Highlands to around 9C.

He added: “Overnight temperatures are expected to be below zero across much of the United Kingdom Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday night and Saturday night.

“With these overnight temperatures expected, a freeze is likely to occur for any springtime flowers that have started to blossom across the Midlands, southern England and even Wales.”

The Met Office also said in their outlook for the week ahead: “Occasional rain across southern England slowly clearing. Fog and low cloud becoming confined to eastern coasts.

“Rain moving southwards across Scotland, followed by colder weather with wintry showers.

“Band of rain and mainly hill snow will sink south Wednesday and Thursday, with cold air following.

“Rain and snow clearing late Thursday. Wintry showers mainly north and east Friday.”

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