UK storm forecast: Thunder and downpours to batter Britain as lightning strikes expected

BBC Weather forecasts thundery conditions across UK

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Weather forecaster Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services told that stormy weather will “get going” by the middle of next week. According to Mr Dale, a northwesterly wind will also cause thunderstorms to strike. He advised people celebrating the Jubilee to plan their weekend carefully as “the potential is there for a rough time”.

Mr Dale urged Britons to “have their wits about them”, citing “bouncy castles getting blown away, debris flying” and “lightning strikes” as possible adverse consequences of the stormy weather.

However, according to weather forecaster WXCharts, temperatures will remain warm for some of the weekend.

It has forecast maximum temperatures of 22C in the southeast on Thursday.

London and the midlands will see highs of 21C, while the North will reach up to 15C.

But by Sunday, maximum temperatures in the southeast will drop to 16C.

Meanwhile, the midlands will see highs of 14C and the North will see highs of 13C.

WXCharts has also forecast up to 43mm of rain in Scotland by Sunday.

Up to 35mm will fall in the north, while 18mm will fall in Birmingham.

Speaking to, Mr Dale said: “Storm wise, it might get going by the middle of next week.

“And the bank holiday weekend now is looking shades of unsettled and cool and showery, which is where your storms might come in.

“Because everything has sort of flip-flopped.

“Originally about five days ago, it looked like we were going to get a reasonable period there and things would warm up.

“It’s nearly the opposite now, with low pressure coming in, winds mainly from the northwest.

“There will be a northwesterly, which basically means what we saw a few days ago, with the thunderstorms kicking in behind the rain.”

In the lead-up to the Jubilee weekend, Mr Dale said the UK can expect more settled conditions.

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He said: “Before then, it’s not too bad – pleasantly warm in the south, rather cool in the north, and a lot of dry weather until we get to the middle of the week when we see activity coming out of the southwest.

“Good planning is going to be everything in terms of people at risk of the big downpours and thunderstorms – the open-air events, which there will be many of.

“That isn’t to say you won’t get a decent day at some point – Sunday at this point looks the best – but there will be a fair amount of activity before you get there.

“The potential is there for a rough time.”

The meteorologist added: “On the run-up and probably during, it will need some good scheduling and some good planning and people with their wits about them, because I’ve been there before.

“I write legal reports for coroners and courts and things like this when the weather is involved.

“So your bouncy castles getting blown away, things flying and debris, lightning strikes, things like that all come into it.

“I’m only giving those characteristics simply because if you were to look at what I’m looking at and translate it into weather terms, then yes, it’s prone. It’s very prone.

“Without going too wild about it, it will be unsettled weather.

“It’s a big swing in the last 48 hours.

“It’s not all armageddon, but this is actually making up for what we didn’t get in March and April – all the very dry conditions that were around.

“This is the opposite. It’s going to fill the bucket.”

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