UK strippers warn theyll be forced into unsafe Airbnb gigs if clubs banned

A stripper has warned her fellow performers will have to resort to dangerous 'underground' performances in Airbnbs and hotel rooms if a major UK city goes ahead with plans to ban adult clubs.

Amelie, who has worked at one of Bristol's two strip clubs Urban Tiger and Central Chambers for the last two years, spoke out against the City Council's proposed 'nil cap' on Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV).

If the rule passed all licences for SEVs in Bristol would be removed, and any new applications would be rejected.

But Amelie said that this was unfair, and would force adult performers into underground markets instead of protecting them.

Protesting the move, she commented: "If the clubs were to close down there is a very strong possibility that the industry would go underground, it would go in hotels or Airbnbs, where there are basically no workers rights.

"There would be no way to report of we were attacked or exploited. It would push the workers into more danger."

Amelie said that while she wasn't "asking anyone to approve of the work we do or support the sex industry", she did want people to understand that "stripping is a job" and that strippers needed to be safe at work.

A member of the Bristol Women's Commission who wished to remain anonymous meanwhile explained why they think it is necessary to put a ban on the adult venues.

She told BristolLive: "The fundamental reason why this is such an important issue in Bristol is because it tells us the difference between paying lip service to equality and genuinely wanting to use the evidence to change unequal gender norms in our city and tackle men's violence against women in an appropriately targeted way."

A petition set up to stop Bristol City Council from closing down strip clubs in Bristol has now gained almost 7,000 signatures.

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