UK to send Ukraine laser-guided missiles to help down Russian jets and helis

Britain is sending the world's most advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Ukraine to help them defend against evil Russian invading forces in the sky, it has been announced.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs that he's looking at giving the Starstreak High-Velocity Missile systems to the Ukrainian army.

The high-tech equipment is designed to destroy fighter jets and helicopters and is reportedly the fastest short-range surface-to-air missile in the world – travelling at three times the speed of sound, Telegraph reports.

It can be fired from the shoulder and uses three dart-like projectiles to hit multiple targets.

Addressing the Commons, Mr Wallace explained the reasoning for donating the state of the art missiles.

"As the conflict intensifies, the Russians are changing their tactics, so the Ukrainians need to, too," he said.

"We can all see the horrific devastation inflicted on civilian areas by Russian artillery and airstrikes, which have been indiscriminate and murderous. It is therefore vital that Ukraine maintains its ability to fly and to suppress Russian air attack," he added.

Once the weapon is fired, the missile carrying the three darts use a small charge to blast it long clear of the launch tube.

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A second booster then erupts to accelerate the missile rapidly, homing in on two laser beams which are pointed on the aircraft by the weapon.

The person firing the weapon just has to stay targeted on the aircraft.

Mr Wallace also told the Commons what other lethal assistance has been provided from the UK – including 1,615 next-generation light anti-weapons.

The UK also sent helmets, body armour, ear defenders, ration packs, range-finders and boots.

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