UK weather: Britain set for big FREEZE as mercury plummets in cold snap – MAPS

UK weather: Temperatures to drop close to freezing

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The mercury could drop as low as -3C in parts of the UK as turbulent weather conditions bring frost and freezing temperatures to parts of the UK. The Met Office said it is likely to be “chilly” overnight this week as temperatures plummet in the run up to May.

High pressure extending down much of the UK will see temperatures drop overnight on Tuesday, with the mercury predicted to fall below freezing in parts of north west England and Scotland.

Forecaster WXCHARTS shows night temperatures will begin to nosedive below freezing in some areas on Tuesday night into Wednesday, while much of the UK will see low single digits between 1C and 3C.

The Met Office said the air is expected to be “rather chilly” with “frost first thing across one or two rural spots”.

Richard Miles, from the Met Office, told The Independent colder air hitting the UK from the north is “keeping temperatures down”.

He said that Tuesday or Wednesday could see the coldest temperatures, with the mercury dropping as low as -3C in rural areas of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

Mr Miles added: “Especially in the eastern parts of the UK, it’s feeling a little bit chilly in that breeze.

“And the high pressure is also keeping that kind of cloud cover away at night at times, so that will let the temperatures drop.”

The BBC said that Tuesday night “will be another chilly night with a touch of grass frost around just about anywhere” as temperatures fall.

However, the high-pressure weather front is expected to keep conditions fairly stable throughout the daytime this week, with dry weather and sunny spells forecast across much of the UK over the coming days.

BBC Meteorologist Helen Willets said conditions would remain dry for many Britons until May.

She said: “With high pressure with us for what remains of April, for most it remains dry. It’s just the far northwest, Scotland and northern Ireland where we might see some appreciable rain before the end of April.”

She said that temperatures would remain “generally held down” by the high pressure and winds blowing in from the south.

Ms Willets said “strong sunshine” would be enjoyed by many areas on Wednesday into Thursday while cloudy weather is forecast in the east of the country.

She said Thursday would be a “dry and bright day” for most, with conditions feeling “warm when you get the sunshine out”.

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The north of Scotland may see some showers in the later part of the week as rain approaches from the west.

Day time temperatures are expected to hover around the mid to low-teens throughout much of the UK until the end of the week.

The drop marks a stark contrast to the dazzling conditions enjoyed by Britons over the East weekend, when a heatwave brought the hottest day of the year so far on Good Friday.

However, the BBC said many Britons can still look forward to “pleasantly warm” conditions this week as rainfall remains below-average in much of the UK for this time of year.

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