UK weather: Brits brace for rain and fog for the week ahead as sunshine VANISHES

UK weather: Scattered showers forecast by Met Office

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The Meteorological service has predicted rainy and cloudy conditions until Friday, although there is the possibility of drier conditions over the weekend. Tuesday is likely to be “cloudy” with “scattered showers” the meteorological service has predicted.

They said: “Rather cloudy for many, though a few sunny intervals are likely.

“Scattered showers affecting some areas, with a few heavy ones possible during the afternoon across central and southern England.”

According to Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent, there could be some fog in certain areas forming on Tuesday morning.

Ms Kent added that it could turn cold over northern Scotland with the possibility of frost with temperatures as low as 2C.

Later in the morning, the fog and cloudy weather will lift but there will be some scattered showers later.

Temperatures could peak at around 18C in the south and the west on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday to Friday is likely to see rain in the northwest with some showers in the east and west as well.

The Met Office said: “Mainly cloudy in the northwest with rain at times. Sunny spells are more likely east and south, though some showers here too

“Low clouds lingering around some coasts. Warm in sunshine.”

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will see more settled conditions initially, although there could be “persistent” rain in the north with coastal areas facing some cloud and fog.

There is also the possibility that at the end of this period there could be more “unsettled” weather including rain and showers.

The Met Office warned: “Settled weather is likely to dominate for much of this period, bringing fine and dry conditions to many areas, especially in the south.

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“Northerly regions are more likely to see a scattering of showers, interspersed by bands of more persistent or heavier rain at times.

“Winds should be generally light to moderate, but occasionally stronger in the north.

“Temperatures are likely to remain above average, except nearer to the coast and perhaps in the far north, which may see slightly cooler conditions.

“Coastal areas may also experience periods of low cloud or fog.

“The very end of the period may start to see a change to slightly more unsettled conditions, bringing periods of rain or showers more widely across the country.”

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