UK weather maps pinpoint exact date next month temperatures could hit 30C

Advanced weather maps have pinpointed one day next month where we could see a return of 30C temperatures in the UK.

July has been relatively miserable weather-wise compared to last month, which ended up being the hottest June in British history.

However, forecasts suggest temperatures should rise again in August. Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden previously said we could face "surges of potentially very hot weather from the near continent throughout August".

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He added: "Confidence is still high for our part of the forecast that sees a number of African plumes influencing our overall weather pattern at times from the second half of August and into September."

Now, weather maps from WX Charts show one day coming up could prove to be a turning point with temperatures expected to reach 28C in some parts, possibly even 30C.

On Monday, August 7, the maps show that by midday parts of the south-east including London will be basking in 26C heat. East Anglia and southern-central regions can expect 25C.

By around 6pm conditions will have warmed up further. The maps show 28C in southern regions as well as 25C to 27C in East Anglia and parts of the Midlands.

The maximum possible temperature for this time is 30C, according to WX Charts.

As for the more immediate future, the Met Office says Friday (July 28) should be "drier and brighter" for most with temperatures peaking at 24C in London, 22C in Leeds, 21C in Cardiff and 20C in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

"Heavy and perhaps thundery showers" are expected to blight the rest of the weekend, although the Met Office says things will be "feeling warm" for those not impacted by the rain.

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