Ukraine wipes out THREE Russian ammunition depots in 24 hours in devastating blow to Putin

Ukraine: Drone captures burning Russian ammunition depot

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Aerial footage shows the munitions depot exploding into a fireball after a series of successful Ukrainian strikes. The territory is already ablaze after several hits when the film begins running before a second and third strike further devastate the site and send huge plums of black smoke billowing from the destroyed building. After relentless shelling, only the bare infrastructure of the depot is left standing, charred black, and obliterated by the subsequent explosion of Russian munitions. 

Ukraine has reported three successful strikes on Russian depots in the past 24 hours, marking a significant day in the fight against Putin. 

A second attack was confirmed yesterday in the Polgovsky district of Ukraine carried out by members of the 44th Artillery Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

The outfit said they had carried out the attack having discovered that Russian forces were using the depot to facilitate the bombing of local villages in the area. 

The attack was undertaken with the help of aerial reconnaissance from the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces.

The brigade said: “Artillerymen of the 44th OAbr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of aerial reconnaissance of the 81st brigade of the 5th BTGR, bombed the accumulation of enemy equipment and ammunition in the Pologovsky district.

“It is known that Russian troops fired at three settlements in the Polgovsky district. Enemy shells hit Gulyaipole, the villages of Dobropolye, and Upper Tersa.

“Earlier, the Russian military left some positions in the Melitopol and Vasilyevsky regions.

“As it became known, they moved in the direction of the Kherson region.”

And in remarkable circumstances, another offensive was carried out by Ukraine’s 45th Artillery Brigade after a 15-year-old local with a toy drone determined the precise coordinates of an ammunition dump in Voskresenka, Zaporizhia Oblast. 

Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs said Andrii Pokrasa, 15, spotted a column of enemy vehicles on their way to Kyiv along the Zhytomyr highway while playing with his drone.  

The 45th brigade then released a video of them hitting the ammunition dump, collapsing the roof, and causing a series of explosions. 

The strike happened just five miles away from the second attack as Ukraine continued to fight back against Russia’s resurgence. 


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Meanwhile, the battle for Severodonetsk is being waged house to house as Ukrainian fighters hope for the delivery of heavy weapons that might “turn the tide,” a Ukrainian commander said today. 

Petro Kuzyk, commander of the Svoboda (Freedom) National Guard battalion, said street fighting in the small industrial city in eastern Ukraine was at times raging under heavy Russian artillery barrages that endangered troops on both sides.

Mr Kuzyk said: “We fight for every house and every street,”  before describing fighting in which Ukrainian fighters had gone from “blind defence to small counter-offensives in some areas”.

He added: “Yesterday was successful for us. We went on a counterattack and in some areas we managed to push them back by one or two blocks. In others, we pushed them back literally by one or two houses.”

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