Ukraines military forces use top of the range to hit Russian targets

Ukraine's military forces hit Russian forces with Stunga-P

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Ukraine’s military forces targeted a group of Russian soldiers with a precision artillery system. Ukraine’s forces used Stugna-P anti-tank guided missiles in order to successfully aim at the group of Russian troops. There have been recent calls for countries in the West to send Ukraine more weapons. And a Ukrainian MP has set up a crowdfunding page in order to raise funds for a self-propelled Howitzer.

The video shows the Ukrainian military locating and targeting a group of Russian troops.

Once locked on the target, the Ukrainian forces begin to pummel the Russian army using heavy artillery.

Once struck the Russian servicemen appear to jump from the armoured vehicle and begin to run.

And a large cloud of thick grey smoke erupts from the vehicle, and Russian soldiers escape to safety.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video.

@BranislavHosek wrote: “This was no RPG. 60mm Mortar more likely. The projectile comes from above, blast not so huge. Was this a Javelin, the blast would have killed them all.”

@NickBolton18 said: “Whose the king of the castle, now then?”

@PJSheridan commented: “Nice shot.”

@Traderh8s added: “RPGs are the only anti-tank weapons Ukraine has left and they’re going to lose the war. That’s the fact Ukraine must admit. East Ukraine and Crimea are gone. War is going to end soon.”

Ukraine: Russian vehicle flips over fleeing incoming fire

@Taxandcity wrote: “This is from yesterday’s video near the tank.”

@LevaD52336962 added: “They can be lucky it was not the Stugna that shot at them…”

@Gilestester commented: “They must have heard it coming.”

@GilbertSansou said: “Missile from the sky with this effect are called Javelin :)”

Mr Goncharenko told “It’s been so heart-warming to see so much support for Ukraine from across the world.

“We are proud to fight at the frontline to defend freedom in Europe but we just need the weapons. Every pound donated for this howitzer will help to save Ukrainian lives and to achieve victory faster from which the whole world will benefit.”

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