Ukrainian saboteurs sneak behind enemy lines to burn down vital Russian base

Ukrainian soldiers imprisoned after Mariupol attack are released

Ukrainian guerrillas have burnt down a military base of the Russian occupiers in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko announced the move by Ukraine on August 13 via Telegram.

He said Russian soldiers made efforts to extinguish the fire which killed numerous Russian troops.

He wrote: “In Mariupol, the resistance liquidated the occupiers’ base by setting fire to it.

“At least ten of them (Russian occupiers) were taken to hospital. Three vehicles were completely burnt. A barracks is also gone.”

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The exact location of the military base has not been verified by, but it could be a facility built in 2022 and first published by Maxar.

Thought to be used for weapons storage, aerial images of the facility show the logo for the Russian Army emblazoned on the rooftop.

Posting the images in December 2022, Maxar wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “In Mariupol, a Russian military compound has been recently built in the north-center of the city. Notice the Russian Army slogan on the top of the roof.

“The main city cemetery (Starokrymske) on the western side of Mariupol has had significant expansion of the number of graves.”

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Russia gained control of Mariupol in May 2022, with the siege beginning at the very start of the Kremlin’s invasion. It remains under Russian control.

Since then, the Associated Press has found that remnants of Ukrainian life have been all but destroyed, with the city moved to Moscow’s time zone and surviving schools teaching the Russian curriculum.

UKRInform reported this weekend that approximately 1,000 voluntary paramilitary Azov fighters, who fought against the invaders during the siege, remain in Russian captivity.

On August 12 the Azov Brigade posted on Telegram: “To date, the defenders of Mariupol, including about 700 Azov members and 300 fighters from other units of the 12th Special Purpose Brigade of the National Guard ‘Azov’, have been in Russian captivity for 14 months. We will return everyone.”

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