UKs own Area 51 hides labyrinth of tunnels and remains of alien spacecraft

A UK Royal Air Force based has been dubbed the country's own "Area 51" – and is said to contain the remains of a UFO.

The Royal Air Force's Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire was the centre of Britain's UFO investigations in the 1950s and remains shrouded in mystery. The site, which looks like a normal building from the outside, hides a complex network of tunnels and bunkers beneath its surface.

It is also heavily guarded, despite being abandoned for more than 23 years, and is said to have a labyrinth of mysterious tunnerls underneath. Despite Ministry of Defence officials insisting that the site was merely a communications hub before being abandoned in 2000, conspiracy theorists have dismissed these claims as outright lies.

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They believe that, much like America's Area 51, the location is hiding the remains of a crashed spacecraft from another planet. Some believe the site holds clues about the Berwyn Mountain UFO incident and the Rendlesham Forest incident, known as "Britain's Roswell".

The Berwyn Mountains incident saw soldiers allegedly take the wreckage of a UFO to Rudloe Manor to be analysed after it was thought to have been blown up over north Wales in 1974, but Government officials were thought to have hushed up the incident for fear of causing massive public alarm, he claims in his book The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed.

And the Rendlesham Forest event began in 1980 when military personal said they saw lights in the sky and dipping into the forest on three occasions ahead of New Year.

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While some say they thought it was UFOs other reports say it was a prank by Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) on the US Air Force. Apparently the SAS kept testing US security by RAF Woodbridge where it’s alleged nuclear warheads were kept.

Both of those are said to be connected to Rudloe Manor, which could explain why it is so heavily guarded.

Despite no longer being in official use, the site is still guarded and off-limits to the public, leading some to question why. Secret files released in 2007 reportedly confirm the centre was used for UFO hunting, but this was never official confirmed by Government officials.

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