Vile serial killer Peter Tobin died in cancer-riddled agony, documents reveal

Grim serial killer Peter Tobin died in agony from cancer, prison documents, which also list vascular disease and lung issues, have shown.

Tobin, 76, was responsible for the murder of three students and was described by a judge as "truly evil" in a court case over the death of Vicky Hamilton.

The 76-year-old, who rotted behind bars from May 1994, died last October and an official cause of death was noted on his report.

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Vicky's parents even toasted the death of the sicko killer, with Michael Hamilton, 72, saying he wished Tobin had "lived a bit longer with all that pain."

Tobin was riddled with ailments and disease, with a prostate cancer diagnosis and vascular disease reported in medical reports from the HMP Edinburgh, The Sun reported.

They read: "Bronchopneumonia in a man with a fractured right neck of femur (surgically treated on September 9, 2022), generalised vascular disease and prostate cancer."

The murderer, who was responsible for the deaths of Angelika Kluk and Dinah McNicol also, was moved to Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary before he died on October 8, 2022.

Michael Hamilton, the father of Vicky, said the diagnosis and painful death is "what he deserved".

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He continued: "He should have suffered more pain and I’d have wanted it to go on longer. I wish he’d have lived a bit longer with all that pain."

Tobin had been serving a separate life sentence after the conviction of three murders in 2007 at the time of his death, a sentence which followed on from the 14 years he served from 1993 to 2004 for rape, buggery and assault of two girls.

At the time of his death, no funeral plans were made, instead his ashes were scattered at sea and a £700 service was carried out.

His next of kin were believed to have "declined in writing to make any arrangements."

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