‘Welcome to hell’ Ukraine warns Russian troops as it puts on full war-footing

Ukraine: Large explosion as missile hits airport in Ivano-Frankivsk

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The banner was a warning to Moscow of the resolve Russian troops will find if Vladimir Putin launches a full scale attack on the country. The message was scrawled on cardboard and hung outside the embassy after Ukraine declared a state of emeregency and ordered citizens to leave Russia.

A Ukrainian MP also adopted the slogan and took the chilling message to parliament. Oleksiy Goncharenko pledged to Russian forces that they would never leave the country, urging them to return to their families.

He said: “You won’t leave from here we promise you this. Welcome to Hell. We can say, you will die here. Die like lousy dogs if you enter our country. “And you’re generals throwing you to this meat grinder will run away first. So drop your weapons and go back home to your wives and kids.”

He continued to tell soldiers that the land isn’t owned by Russia, adding “it never will be”.

Anti-Russian sentiment has rocketed in the last 24 hours with many protestors saying Ukraine will never rejoin Russia.

Mr Putin announced a “Special military operation” just before 6am Moscow-time, the Ukrainian government reported missile attacks in the cities of Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkiv, as well as artillery fire on the border, reports Politico.

Earlier this week, as tensions were building, protestors rallied outside the Russian embassy in Kiev despite its doors being shut on Tuesday.

Demonstrators waved flags and chanted anti-Putin slogans. 

One activist, Roman Tyschenko, said citizens would not hide from Putin. He told The Guardian: “We are not afraid of Vladimir Putin. Or his army.”

The Russian flag above the embassy was taken down yesterday as diplomats were ordered to flee back to Moscow. 

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government contacted reservists  – some of them waiters and teachers – and instructed them to head to military bases immediately.

A Ukraine army spokesman said: “Reservists from 18 to 60 years old were subject to the call. These will be both officers and non-commissioned officers. The maximum service will be one year. 

“Reservists of the operational reserve of the first stage will serve in those military units and in the specialty in which they served before.”

Ukraine nationals in Russia were ordered to leave its territory.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “In connection with the intensification of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that citizens of Ukraine refrain from any trips to the Russian Federation, and those who are in this country, to leave its territory immediately.”

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