What was his name?’ Biden takes swipe at Trump after seemingly forgetting his predecessor

Joe Biden says wife Jill was 'Vice President' to Obama

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During a speech at North America’s Building Trades Unions conference the US President took centre stage as he delivered a speech as part of the White House’s wider initiative to promote his infrastructure plans. However, speaking at the event, the POTUS seemingly took a swipe at his predecessor remarking: “That last guy [Trump] what was his name”?

Mr Biden also slammed the tax cuts of the Trump administration and in a savage put down said “he never showed up at the inauguration anyway”.

He said: “I think a lot of my friends are registered Republicans living out there. They think that too.

“It’s just so outrageous, that 2 trillion dollar tax cut the last guy. What was his name? Anyway, the last guy.

“I forgot, he never showed up for the inauguration anyway. ‘

“But all kidding aside. I shouldn’t kid, that tax cut basically went to the top 1/10th of 1 percent of the American public.”

However, President Biden has been blasted for the swipe at Donald Trump on social media, with many social media users suggesting the gaffe may have been real.

One user, @jake559234, wrote: “He just genuinely doesn’t know who the last guy was.”

Another, @just_chiefs, added: “Probably really did forget. Sometimes I wonder if he can remember his own name.”

A third, @scott_boyette, said: “Like he would even remember.”

One more, @sue_merrifield, added: “People laughed because they thought President Biden was making a joke, but the truth is, he probably DOESN’T remember ‘the other guy’s’ name.”

Other Twitter users argued that Trump’s tax cuts had benefited Americans, while others felt that Biden needed to stop blaming the former President for the country’s woes.

One user, @GrefeSean, wrote: “That tax cut was tremendous for many hard-working Americans!!”

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Another, @cooop23, added: “I like my tax cut over record high inflation.”

A third, @joco_2000, wrote: “This is how you know your term has been bad af when every other day you gotta bring up the last guy to make yourself look good .. that’s tough.”

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