When Oscar Pistorius will be released from prison for killing Reeva Steenkamp

South African Olympic athlete, Oscar Pistorius, is currently in jail for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

His life is now being explored in a new BBC documentary called The Trials of Oscar Pistorius, which is being released on the iPlayer.

Pistorius claimed that he did not intend to kill his girlfriend, as he instead believed a home intruder was inside the bathroom when he fired four bullets through the door killing the person inside.

He was initially charged with culpable homicide, which in South Africa meant that Steenkamp was killed unintentionally, but unlawfully, and sentenced to five years in prison.

In October 2015, after just one year in prison, Pistorius made parole and was released to finish out his sentence under house arrest at his uncle’s home in Pretoria.

However, two months later the prosecution won its appeal to the South African supreme court to have Pistorius’ conviction changed from culpable homicide to murder.

He was then re-sentenced to six years in prison in July 2016, before the prosecution appealed again for what they though was a lenient sentence.

In November 2017 Pistorius’ sentence was double to 13 years and five months, which was the maximum term of 15 years minus the time he had already served.

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The Supreme Court said that Pistorius "displays a lack of remorse, and does not appreciate the gravity of his actions."

He has attempted several appeals since his sentencing but they have been unsuccessful, and he remains behind bars.

The former Olympian is now serving the remainder of his sentence in South Africa’s Attridgeville Correctional Centre, where he will remain until at least 2023, when he becomes eligible for parole.

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