Wheres Rishi – People urged to check sheds and fridges in case hes trapped

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    Calls were growing last night to launch a “search party” for Rishi Sunak after claims he has disappeared as the NHS crumbles.

    The PM seems nowhere to be seen as the country faces crises on multiple fronts with concerns over the health service and strikes.

    Parliament is not due to return until next week despite the mounting problems, sparking outrage among the electorate.

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    One angry voter tweeted: “Strikes galore, NHS in ­total meltdown, where’s Rishi?!!”

    Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting was also left flabbergasted after the Government claimed everything was “quite normal” in the NHS for the first week of January.

    He tweeted: “This breath-taking complacency does at least explain why Rishi Sunak and Steve Barclay are nowhere to be seen.

    “Negligent, irresponsible – and a risk to the public’s health.”

    Paul Nowak, the new Trades Union Congress general secretary, called for an urgent meeting with Mr Sunak to break the deadlocked industrial disputes.

    In a letter to the PM, Mr Nowak said public services were suffering after years of “underfunding and understaffing”.

    The PM’s official spokesman said: “We are confident we are providing the NHS with the funding it needs.”

    The Daily Star says…

    It’s difficult to summon up much optimism for the new year.

    The NHS is genuinely on its knees, the cost of living is higher than ever and public transport is being crippled by strikes.

    It’s the sort of time you’d expect a good world leader to come out publicly and reassure their people.

    Rishi Sunak doesn’t seem to have got the memo though.

    Apart from the odd obscure interview and publicity stunts where he insults homeless people, he’s pretty much anonymous.

    His predecessor Liz Truss dug her own grave by tanking the economy every time she opened her mouth.

    So Rishi appears to believe that saying and doing bugger all is the best way to stay in Downing Street.

    Let us assure him that is not the case.

    People who need an ambulance are dying instead of getting a bed in hospital.

    Those needing emergency treatment are waiting days instead of hours to be seen by doctors.

    He needs to get on the TV and tell us what plans are in place to get sick people through the winter.

    The clock is ticking Rishi…

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