White House Marine sentry goes inside after lightning strike, goes viral

A clip showing a US Marine standing sentry outside the White House – then going in right after a lightning strike – has gone viral, with people applauding the “formal” yet funny way he decided he wasn’t going to hang around to see if it would strike twice.

The short clip was shared by C-SPAN’s Jeremy Art yesterday and has since been viewed more than six million times.

It shows the Marine sentry getting a fright from the lightning strike, then deciding to head inside. However, rather than bolt inside like many of us would, he kept the formalities when opening the door to go in for shelter.

One Twitter user described the act as “the most professional ‘nope, I’m out’ the world will ever see”.

“Love the way he formally opens the door for himself,” another person said.

Another Twitter user described it as “a very professional ‘peace out'”.

In a follow-up tweet, Art showed that it did not take long for the man to return to his post outside the door, despite the rain.

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