Whopping £10bn spent on Tokyo Olympics 2020 – despite petition to cancel it

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is finally here, with thousands of athletes from around the world ready to display the peaks of what humans can physically do.

The event will be held behind closed doors with no audience spectators, but fans will get to watch the exciting events from the comfort of their own homes.

In this Olympic spirit, the World Economic Forum compiled some of the key numbers for the games.

There will be 11,500 athletes attending, reports Mirror Online.

However, the number of overseas officials, journalists and support staff trumps the number of athletes seven times over with more than 79,000 staff attending.

In terms of the gender balance it is a near half-half split with 51 per cent of athletes male and 49 per cent female.

For vaccinations, 80 per cent of Olympic village inhabitants will have been vaccinated. This is in contrast to the general Japanese public where only eight to 30 per cent have been vaccinated.

With Tokyo entering a state of emergency earlier this month, not everyone is excited for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. There's actually a petition onChange.Orgto stop it completely, and it already has a whopping 450,000 signatures with many concerned about their well-being and protection against Covid-19.

The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 are still going ahead, despite 450,000 names on the petition

The decision to allow zero spectators follows an earlier ban on international spectators.

Anyway, back to the numbers. There will be 33 different sports at the Olympic Games.

This goes alongside five sports that are featuring for the first time ever – including karate, skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing.

There will be 339 medals across the 33 different sports, at 42 venues across Japan.

A staggering $15.4bn has been spent on the Olympic Games alone.

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This year's Olympics is aiming to be the greenest. Organisers hope the event will emit no more than 2.93 million tonnes is the amount of CO2. For comparison, the London Olympics generated 3.3 million tonnes.

Japan is also using 6.2 million discarded mobile phones to make the medals, and the podiums will be made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean.

So far, $15.4bn has been spent by Japan on Tokyo 2020, despite 62 per cent of Japanese voters wanting Tokyo 2020 to either be postponed or cancelled.

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