William and Kate have panic room and tunnels in fear of WW3 ‘biological warfare’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have installed a panic room and secret tunnels at their Kensington Palace home in order to protect their family from biological warfare.

The panic room also reportedly includes an air filtration system, along with an escape tunnel, Global Citizen reports.

According to reports, when William was younger, he along with his brother Harry and their Diana mother would use the secret tunnel to sneak out of the Palace and go to McDonald’s.

Seeing as the Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the throne – only behind his father Charles – and his son Prince George is third in line after him, their security is of utmost importance.

The Cambridges aren’t the only ones with a panic room, however, with the Queen leading the way with two panic rooms, both at Windsor Castle and at Buckingham Palace.

The rooms were installed over 15 years ago and are encased in 18ins thick, bullet-resistant, fire-retardant steel walls.

They are designed to withstand poison gas, bombs or terrorist attacks and are equipped with secure communications, beds, washing equipment, and enough food and water to last for at least a week.

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Similarly, first in line to the throne, Prince Charles, also has a secret room at Highgrove House.

It features an ‘iron’ room – the size of a shipping container – that can be used by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in the unlikely event that someone breaches through their security.

According to some security experts, the secret steel panic room at Highgrove House is so strong that if the property was targeted in an airstrike or terrorist attack, the royals inside would survive.

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