Wintry showers to kick off February as Arctic barrage of snow hits UK

Brits are to face a chilly start to February as the wintry weather continues with an Arctic barrage hitting the UK.

According to Netweather, westerly and north-westerly winds will be blowing as we enter the second month of 2022.

In February the polar maritime air is expected to bring wintry showers to the north and west of Scotland and to Northern Ireland, with snow particularly over higher ground.

Advanced weather modelling maps from WX Charts predict snow to hit at the start of February and move across the UK to the west.

They show that parts of Scotland could have up to 12 centimetres of the white stuff on the ground by February 4.

There will also be snowfall in Northern Ireland and parts of northern England, according to their maps.

Despite the snow, the UK should have above average temperatures when the milder spells hit.

Temperatures across the country will tend to be 1C to 2C above the long-term average, according to Netweather.

However, in the south of England some overnight frosts should be expected at times due to the high pressure.

Discussing the milder temperatures, the Met Office said: "Overall, temperatures are likely to be near or milder than average through this period, although some brief colder than average spells in the north are possible."

BBC weather forecaster Ben Rich says people should expect severe gales and rain fall before January ends.

He said: "Strengthening winds across northern areas, rain just getting into Northern Ireland, certainly settling into western and north western Scotland, gusts of wind in excess of 50mph in exposed north western parts but milder than it has been certainly across England and Wales.

"It will turn very, very windy across the far north, gales, even severe gales near to the northern isles.”

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