Woman, 22, loses half her arm after getting crushed in horror quad bike accident

An American woman lost part of her arm in a horror quad bike accident that almost cost her her life.

In September 2020, a four-person quad bike being driven by then-19-year-old Lidia Reina was flipped onto its side after going over a rock.

She saw it late, causing the vehicle to topple, coming down on its side.

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Lidia's arm was crushed as she instinctively put it out to try and break her fall.

She’s 22 now, but back then it was touch and go as she was forced to undergo an emergency amputation.

Describing the horror accident she said: "We weren't going crazy fast and everything was going fine until we hit the rock – suddenly we were sideways and my arm was under the vehicle.

"When the vehicle was lifted off me, I saw my arm all purple just dangling down – and I kept repeating 'am I going to die?'.

"All I could think was 'I can't die yet, I have too much life left to live – this can't be the end of my story'.

"At the hospital I was told I would lose my arm but I didn't cry or scream because at that point all I could focus on was staying alive.”

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She continued: "I have fast reflexes from playing sport in school – I was trying to protect my head so it wouldn't hit the ground.

"Instead, my arm was crushed.

"It hurt, but it happened so fast that I was in shock. There was music playing from the radio, but all I could hear was buzzing."

Describing the moment she looked down at her arm as the bike was lifted off her she said: “I looked at my arm and it looked like someone had dug a hole and put my arm in it, with my hand poking out the other side.

"I couldn't even feel it at this point. I had crushed my own arm and I was losing blood.

"I couldn't believe what was happening – I had never even been in a car accident before.

"I just kept asking if I was going to die.

After the operation, things were hard for the woman from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

She was forced into a low point and even encouraged her boyfriend Moises to leave her and find "someone who could hug him properly."

Moises stuck by her though, proposing to her the following year. The two finally tied the knot in November 2022.

Now, she even sees the positives in what happened to her.

She said: "When I first came home from hospital I didn't know what to do with myself.

"But my now-husband and God got me through and now I'm much more confident.

"Now you will never catch me bringing myself down. I never say bad things about myself.

"I didn't start loving myself completely until I lost my arm."

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