Woman finds one of a kind whole fried potato in a packet of Kettle chips

A woman was left scratching her head when she opened a bag of crisps to find a whole fried potato inside the pack.

Katherine shared the rare find on TikTok, showing the round, golden-coloured vegetable as viewers nicknamed it the "golden nugget".

"Can someone from Kettle chips tell me why I found a whole potato in the bag?" she asked in the video.

Despite the whole spud being well-seasoned and cooked, Katherine said the texture was not as crunchy as it looks, adding that: "The whole bag was kind of soggy. If it was crunchier, it would have slapped."

Some viewers took to comments and threw in suggestions for her to cash in on the special potato.

"Put it on eBay and set bidding start at £3,000," one wrote while a second said: "Tell them and see if they give you lot of money, just like that kid who found a puffy Doritos."

A third commented: "That looks like the best, damn potato ever!"

A fourth added: "At least we now know that the chips are made from real potatoes. It looks like a good roastie though."

Kettle Chips also amazingly replied: "How did this little guy slip through the net. Check out our latest video to see where your Kettle Chips come from!"

In July, a 13-year-old girl found a "puffy Dorito crisp" and listed it to sell on an online bidding site.

She posted: "Puffy Dorito one of a kind." and within a matter a days, the online bidding reached a whopping $20,000 (£10,700).

Rylee Stuart, from Australia, told 9News: "I was about to eat it but I thought I better save it for later.

"I saw $10,000 and I like screamed."

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The market for rare crisps and whacky food items is a fairly common phenomenon on eBay in the US.

There is currently a rare puffy Takis Dorito crisp on the site with 62 current bids and a price of $25,100 (£18,250).

A "one of a kind" 7up can has also been put on the site at a starting price of $17,500 (£12,700) as the seller is confident that this market for rare items is so lucrative.

These rare items are not likely to be eaten as a lunchtime snack but instead will remain preserved to admire their uniqueness.

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