Woman furious as man stuffs fiver into her bra at work – but police dont care

A woman claims police were completely “uninterested” in her case when she reported that she was groped by a customer at work.

Niamh Gallagher, 21, was working alone in a shoe shop in Manchester when a man entered and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight.

The student claims the male customer shoved a £5 note into her bra strap before telling her it was “our little thing.”

After leaving the shop, Niamh said she spotted the man “lurking” outside after recognising her Manchester United scarf.

She went on to report the case to the police but says she hasn’t heard anything about the case for nearly a month, reports Manchester Evening News.

Ms Gallagher even found CCTV footage which she says identifies the man, but claims police have failed to come and collect it.

"I've been reading all these stories about wanting to make women in Manchester feel safe but I've been waiting a month with no support," she said.

"On that day I was working with one other colleague who was on her break at the time," she said.

"There was one lady waiting to go into her appointment and then this guy came in. He was wearing a Manchester United scarf so I thought the football must have just finished.

"I was chatting to another customer who was about to leave and this guy started interjecting himself into our conversation."

The student said she was getting a 'weird vibe' from the man, who asked her to find him a specific type of shoe.

"He eventually got some he was happy with but said 'oh I have trouble putting my shoes on,'" she said.

"He asked me to bend over and put them on for him which I found extremely weird. I said that was fine and just did my job.

"I have to make sure the shoe fits so I had to pinch the side of his feet and pinch his toe and he made a comment like 'oh are you giving me a foot massage now.'

"I was about to go and put something back on the shelf and the guy grabbed me and shoved his hand into my shirt.

"He grabbed me and shoved a £5 note into my bra strap. He said 'you keep that, it’s our little thing."

The student said when her colleague came back from her break, she told her what had happened. They tried to ring 101 but were unable to get through.

Ms Gallagher claims her colleague went across the road to speak to two police officers who allegedly rolled their eyes, and told them to dial 101.

"Police say they are doing everything to make women feel safe but working in the city – it's now a situation where I don't feel safe going to do my job.

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