Woman horrified after finding dead rat rotting in kitchen and maggots under oven

A mum was left traumatised after finding a rotting rat lying under her oven with maggots spewing all over the kitchen floor.

Lauren Butler, who lives with her 11-year-old daughter Millie, said they noticed an unbearable smell in their flat in Bevan House of Borehamwood.

While she thought it was coming from the bins or washing machine, the single mum cleaned her house through but the smell was still staying around.

"Every time I turned the oven on the stench was unbearable," she told HertfordshireLive.

Millie, who has autism, started having a panic attack and Lauren was having headaches and feeling nauseous.

Days later Lauren's dad came to her flat and removed one of the kickers under her oven to find a huge, rotting, dead rat, the size of an adult hand, with blood leaking out across the kitchen floor.

She later contacted housing association Clarion and complained about the rat infestation on August 16 but a month later, she decided to call in emergency pest control.

Video shows the expert ripping the board divider in the kitchen and checking the empty areas behind the wall.

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It shows some white spots moving in the dark.

The team said those are live maggots that spew out of the dead rat's body.

She said: "It’s really traumatising every time I hear a noise – I’m paranoid and jump.

"It’s making me really depressed. My daughter is autistic, she needs routine, this has turned our whole world upside down.

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"Now pest control has removed them and filled in the gaps that they can come through. But they’re in the walls, it's only a matter of time before they chew through and come back again.

"It's affecting our whole building everyone knows it's a problem.

A Clarion spokesperson said: "The safety and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority and we recognise the inconvenience Ms Butler and the other residents of Bevan House have experienced.

"We can confirm that our pest control contractors have visited the building to investigate the problem and have installed communal bait boxes as well as carried out a drain survey.

"Ms Butler was updated on the progress of the treatments and was informed that there will be ongoing treatments to address the problem.

"We understand this has been an unpleasant situation for Ms Butler’s family and others in the building, and our local housing team will contact her to discuss any further concerns."

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