Woman horrified as she spots stranger having a poo in her neighbour’s garden

A woman’s morning coffee took a truly bizarre turn when she noticed a strange man dropping his trousers to take a dump in her neighbor’s garden.

The shocking footage shows the man squatting down to do his business in the trendy New Farm suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

His face is hidden from view thanks to a car but it doesn’t seem like the lad has a care in the world.

Holli McIntyre caught the disgusting act on camera and shared the video to a community Facebook page.

“Seems he was prepared for this,” she posted. “We’ve just moved to New Farm and thought it was a nice area … what is this.”

She later told NCA NewsWire: “I’ve only lived here for a month.

“(It was) not the welcome I was expecting.

“He saw me when he walked away but didn’t seem phased by me. I don’t think this is his first public poop.”

Amazingly, it is not the first case of public pooing in Brisbane.

Andrew Macintosh, dubbed the poo jogger, was charged with creating public nuisance in 2018 after neighbours believed he was responsible for posing on their properties up to 30 times in a year.

Residents of an apartment plot decided to set up cameras to catch the man in the act – and it instantly paid off.

Meanwhile, a woman was snapped defecating outside a shopping centre in Brighton back in November.

The moment was captured on camera by Marc Silver who had just stepped out of work during his lunch break.

He said the woman had "no care in the world," while she went about her business.

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