Woman walks down aisle with two dads after being snatched at birth

A woman who discovered that she had been snatched at birth and raised by another family has been walked down the aisle by her “two dads”. 

Miche Zephany Sheldon, 26, from South Africa, had a wedding day like few others as she chose to have both her non-biological father, Michael, and her biological dad, Morne Nurse, walk her down the aisle.

Miche, from Cape Town, said: “Michael had been my dad my whole life – he fathered me. I’m so glad Morne opened his heart to walk alongside him down the aisle. It was such a beautiful day. We saw the union of my two families.

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“My biological dad wasn’t too happy at first. But this day was all about me and my relationship with my husband. But eventually, he said yes to me.

“It was a miracle! The relationship between my two families is improving. They do get along now – we’ve all matured, realised we’re human and are finally coming to terms with what happened. We show mutual respect to one another, and we’re all very understanding.”

Miche, originally named Zephany Nurse, was born on April 27, 1997, but was taken from Groote Schur Hospital in Cape Town just three days after her birth. Lavona and Michael Solomon took her in and raised her as their own for 19 years.

The truth came out when Miche encountered a girl named Cassidy at school in 2015. They bore a striking resemblance, prompting social workers to suggest a DNA test. The test confirmed that Cassidy was Miche’s biological sister and that the Solomons were not her biological parents.

It was then revealed that Lavona, who had fertility issues and faced a late miscarriage around the time of Miche’s birth, was responsible for the abduction. Disguised as a nurse, she had taken the baby from the hospital.

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Speaking about her first meeting with the biological family aged 17, she said: “Meeting my biological parents… there wasn’t that connection. It was extremely difficult because you’ve grown up thinking this is your family.

“I was looking for it – but it just wasn’t there in the beginning. I’d been raised by Lavona and Michael my whole life. Both families were just so harsh with each other, as well. I really had to adjust to having two different dads in my life. But I knew I’d want them both walking me down the aisle whenever I got married.”

While Miche has chosen to distance herself from Lavona, she does not hold any animosity towards her and does not consider her a criminal. Instead, she focuses on the love and support she has received from her true family and the two dads who played significant roles in her life.

She said: “I don’t see the mum who raised me as criminal and evil. Everyone just got hurt in the process. We all just needed to heal.” Miche met teacher Justin Sheldon, 32, at church in 2012 and told him about her past after a few years together. He was “shocked but empathetic” and they married on March 21, 2023.

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