Woman who only had hours to live now glad to show off stoma bag in bikini pics

A woman who was within a few hours of death after spending four days in a medically induced coma is now proudly showing off her stoma bag in inspiring pics.

Phillipa Welch, 24, was rushed to hospital when she collapsed at home following surgery to have a stoma inserted.

She told how in April of this year she had contracted sepsis and a clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection which led to fluid on the lungs and multiple organ failure.

Doctors decided that the best course of action was to give Phillipa a stoma – an opening on the stomach that allows waste to pass out of the body.

But unfortunately after the procedure, Phillipa developed sepsis and parents Kerry, 58, and Alan, 60, were told that she was told she might not make it.

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She told the Liverpool Echo: "I don't really remember much of it because I was so out of it, but after I had been in hospital with C. diff for two weeks, I went home.

"After three days I collapsed and was put in a medically induced coma because I was in so much pain.

"It was then that the doctors found fluid on my lungs and multiple organ failure, my mum and dad were told I might only have hours left.

"I feel so bad for them and what they had to go through – I think this was such a hard time for them, they have been so wonderful and supportive throughout my life."

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"I don't really remember much, but I remember bits of the ICU and my mum sat at my bedside with gloves on holding my hand.

"And I remember asking a doctor 'am I going to be OK?'

"All the surgeons, doctors and nurses were brilliant – I can't thank them enough."

Three months on and Phillipa is now embracing her stoma and surgery scars by posting bikini selfies on her Instagram.

She said: "At first I was really nervous about posting but I felt it was important to raise more awareness and the feedback has been amazing.

"Everyone has been so lovely in comments and direct messages – some people have said I have been an inspiration to them, even people from other countries.

"One person said she has shown her son who has a stoma to help him. And even within the community of people who have similar issues.

"Before my stoma, I was always insecure about my body, but now I couldn't love it more."

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