Woman who slapped passenger and spat at him over face mask is Baywatch actress

A so-called "Karen" charged with assault after attacking an 80-year-old man on a Delta Airlines for not wearing a mask while eating and causing him to bleed, has reportedly been identified as Ex-Baywatch actress and Playboy model Patricia Cornwall.

The former actress's shocking mid-flight tirade was caught on video by another passenger on a Christmas Eve flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

In it, she can be seen hurling abuse at her fellow passenger, spitting on him and slapping him across the face because he wasn't wearing a mask – but neither was she.

The footage showed Cornwall, 51, hulking over the unmasked seated passenger, who claims he was eating at the time of the attack, screeching: "Put your f****** mask on."

When the man tells her he is eating, she yelled at him to "stand" his "a** up".

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He then shouts: "Sit down Karen… you're a god damned Karen, sit down."

A flight attendant tried to break up the in-flight fight, telling Cornwall to put on her own mask.

The one-time Baywatch actress ignored the request, repeatedly ordering the older man to "mask up" instead.

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When he tells her she's got her own mask down, the former model appears takes a swing at the man landing a punch on his cheek.

He yells: "Now you’re going to jail! That’s assault!"

The flight attendant then grabbed Cornwall's arm and tried to restrain her as she tries to punch him again.

Unable to land another blow, Cornwall spat in his face.

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A second flight attendant then pushed a coffee cart into the woman, in another futile attempt of breaking the fight up, and Cornwall and the man continued to yell and swear at each other.

Eventually, with the help of a third flight attendant, Cornwall was pulled away leaving the elderly man bleeding from his cheek.

The former model was arrested when the plane landed and charged with assault.

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She now faces up to a year in jail and a £74,500 ($100,00) fine.

Cornwall, now an estate agent, used to go by the stage name Patty Brenton and has credits in Baywatch, Married…. with Children, Playboy: Women Behaving Badly and Playboy: Cheerleaders, according to IMBd.

She was also a one-time cheerleader for the NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders), reports the New York Post.

However, her savage in-flight attack might be what she becomes most famous for as the Independent reports the footage has clocked up more than 8 million views on social media.

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