Woman with meow tat on outer lip gets it removed in incredible transformation

A woman who accidentally got a tattoo on the outside of her lip rather than the inside has managed to get it removed as she showed off the incredible transformation.

On September 30, Wilma Hägglund, from Sweden shared her nightmare inking, that saw her get 'meow' scribed onto the outside of her lip, rather than the inside.

The unfortunate TikToker was left screaming and in tears by the horror revelation but just over two weeks later appears to have turned things around.

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In a new video on the short-clip-sharing platform captioned, “Its gone [prossecco glass emoji] thank god to laser #foryou #meow,” she shared the remarkable transition she had made.

The video shows a sequence of stills that move through time as her tattoo gets fainter and fainter.

As a remix of Aqua’s Barbie Girl players over the top, an automated voice says: “How did I go from this… To this.”

Wilma’s ordeal has been harrowing, leaving her in tears in videos. But now she seems to have made a full recovery.

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Although only quick, the final clip shows her with no clear ink visible on her lip, indicating that the laser removal surgery has worked fully.

Wilma, after what was no doubt a tough couple of weeks, has a smile on her face again.

The clip of her new tattoo went viral, causing people to ask how she hadn’t noticed that the tat was being done on the outside of her face.

One internet user said: "Were you passed out during? How do you not feel the placement difference? Didn’t you have to hold your lip open? HOW girl how?”

Some thought she might have been drunk, others wondered if she might have been unclear about what she wanted.

“I’m literally mad that you just didn’t notice or say anything like this is on you,” said another.

Even on her new video celebrating her incredible transformation, people have still be left scratching their heads.

“Ok but who gets a tattoo like that now come on,” said one.

“I just wanna know why she got it,” said another.

A third chimed in “this is something u would do drunk”.

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