Womans debate on Royals leaving Thanksgiving service has viewers in stitches

A royal fan has delivered an interesting yet hilarious commentary when she watched the Royal Family leaving St Paul's Cathedral on the second day of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Kirsty Wilson was watching members of the Royal Family on television broadcast as they attended Thanksgiving Service without the presence of the Queen due to mobility issues.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their second appearance at the Platinum Jubilee as they joined Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton at the cathedral.

As the service ended, members of the Royal Family emerged from the church and waved goodbye to the Archbishop.

Kirsty was curious to see which members will get to travel on a car and which will have to travel on a coach.

She gives a live commentary in her TikTok video and says as the royals step out of the church.

"Royal number one — Charles and Camilla, Wills and Kate — 100% getting a car," Kirsty says.

"Debatable: Will the Wessexes get a car? These ones with Princess Anne, Edward, Eugenie and Beatrice, do they get a car?

"Hang on, a mini van? Eugenie and Beatrice are in the mini van."

When Harry and Meghan exit the church, Kirsty gets excited, saying: "Oh! Will they (Harry and Meghan) get a car?

"Car or mini bus? Car or mini bus? (gasp) Car! They get a car!"

And as Zara Tindall and husband Mike Tindall show up on the camera, they give Kirsty another element of surprise.

"We love Zara, I mean it's the coach, isn't it? Is it the ca…(gasp) it's the coach!" she says.

Kirsty's hilarious commentary left viewers in stitches as they jumped in to comment on the royal transport arrangement.

One said: "They gave Zara the coach but Meghan a car? This is a crime!"

"Meghan and Harry are in a car to keep them away from all the angry relatives," a second commented and a third added: "The coach will be best for Tindalls becuase Mike will start the rugby songs."

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