Women are at the front of the Q to be James Bond’s latest gadget guru

Women are at the front of the Q to be James Bond’s latest gadget guru.

Spy chiefs at MI6 are on the hunt for Technical Operations Officers to support secret agents working at home and abroad.

It’s the job made famous by Q in the 007 films where Ben Wishaw’s nerdy character is the brains behind a slew of hi-tech gizmos.

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The secret service has put out a call for female and ethnic minority “operations officers”.

Spymasters say: “We are confining registrations of interest to these groups only, due to their current under-representation in our workforce.”

And M16 reveals in an ad: “You might be a talented engineer, have experience in the armed services or specialist academic knowledge in computing, but whatever your background, you’ll be motivated, discrete and keen to learn and develop throughout your career.”

The pay will be around £40,000. Would-be candidates are told: “Our mission is to protect the
security and economic wellbeing of the UK from overseas threats such as regional instability, terrorism, and cyber-attacks.”

It adds they will be “working across the globe and in close partnership with MI5 and GCHQ."

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