Workers forced to self isolate could be given payouts ‘to stop Covid-19 spread’

Brits forced to self-isolate and miss out on work could be given cash payouts to encourage them to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Government research found one in five people are observing the stay-at-home rules after developing Covid-19 symptoms, it has been reported.

The study found workers earning below £20,000 are less likely to remain in quarantine for the full two-week period.

It has emerged people could now be given a one-off payment of “hundreds of pounds” to persuade them to stay indoors if need be.

The amount people would receive is not clear, but reports claim it will be "significantly more" than the maximum £182 under the pilot scheme.

Alongside these plans, ministers are also said to be looking at plans to fine people if they refuse to stay at home.

A Government source told The Sun: "The carrot and stick approach is about getting more people to follow the rules and stopping this virus from spreading."

It comes as 4,322 new coronavirus infections were recorded over the past day in the UK, compared with 3,539 last Friday, bringing the overall number of cases to 385,936.

  • Pubs and restaurants could close at half term as part of second wave 'circuit breaker'

Cases across the country have been steadily rising over the past two weeks, resulting in tough new restrictions in the North East, including a 10pm curfew for bars and pubs.

Curfew is reportedly considered a "tool in the armoury actively under consideration" but the minster said officials were keen to "give the 'Rule of Six' time to have an effect".

The move would not be welcomed by the Treasury who are under pressure to extend the furlough scheme as Brits in the hospitality industry are still struggling.

Greg Mulholland from the British Pubs Confederation (BPC) said this move could be catastrophic for pubs who are "scarcely profitable" at the moment.

He told The Sun the industry will "need a massive level of support" through "grants and extended furlough" and the "Government risk destroying the Great British pub" if this is implemented.

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