Worlds smallest bodybuilder – just 3ft tall but showing the bullies whos boss

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Since starting out as a professional bodybuilder, Pratik Mohite has entered over 40 competitions and even bagged medals for his efforts – despite being just over three feet tall.

The 26-year-old from India boasts a Guinness World Record as the shortest competitor in his field at 103cm but had to battle past bullies and money problems to get where he is today.

It took Pratik four years from first going to the gym to get up on stage in front of a live audience and his selfless mum even sacrificed her income to help him fund his specific, vegetarian diet.

When he started lifting weights, his hands were too small to hold the equipment in the correct way.

He told the Indian Express: “I motivated myself despite the difficulties I faced due to my disabilities.

"I do not have a coach but I do take advice and tips from experienced bodybuilders…

“The equipment at the gym is manufactured for common people. Since my palms are small, I found it difficult to have a tight grip on things like dumbbells. I had to modify the equipment to suit my needs.”

From birth, Pratik had very small feet and hands that never grew into a normal size. As a kid, he was teased for the disability and it would sometimes get him down.

But the inspirational bloke said all the hardship was worth it to see him break a world record.

As he accepted his award he admitted people thought he was “weak” and said: "Getting a recognition by Guinness World Records is a great step up for me.

"My family are very happy and proud of me and my friends are very supportive and helpful."

Maintaining his lifestyle is a big commitment and Pratik forces himself to stick to a tough training regime.

Every morning, he goes for a 30-minute run before eating a specially-designed breakfast.

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He then hits the gym for two hours, during which he posts pictures to update his 93,000 Instagram followers on his progress.

Looking to the future, Pratik has his eyes set on even bigger titles, such as Mr Asia and Mr World.

He also has aims of setting up his own gym.

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