Worst is still to come West warned of more atrocities – must fully isolate Russia

Ukraine: 'Worst is still to come' from Russia says Filipchuk

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Mr Filipchuk highlighted the additional measures Western nations can implement to weaken Russia. The Russian onslaught on neighbouring Ukraine has been ongoing for well over a month now, with no clear end in sight. Western Governments have imposed economic and political sanctions on Russia but Mr Filipchuk asked for more to be done to paralyse Putin and his regime.

Mr Filipchuk told LBC host Nick Ferrari: “Russia must be fully isolated both in economic and political terms, after what we have seen in Bucha.

“It’s difficult to find even words to describe all our feelings, and the worst I’m afraid is just still to come.

“Because there are still cities to liberate and I can only imagine what those in the city of Mariupol are still fighting… Is underway.

“So I think there’s no anymore doubt about who is Putin and what Russia is doing to Ukraine.


Mr Filipchuk added: “It can only be compared to Nazi Germany.

“And our responsibilities look different, Russia must be… From UN Security Council.

“Russia must be just stopping diplomatic relations, stopping any contacts with the Russian criminal regime.

“And of course, no trade especially for oil and gas in any case I think it’s not a warning, we have to rethink the way we consume.

“But now with all these atrocities, it’s not global warming, it’s really war atrocities which must force us to use less Russian… If possible to use Russian oil and gas.”

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Mr Filipchuk is not the only person calling for Russia’s removal from the UK Human Rights Council, due to the alleged war crimes committed.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss responded to these reports and chose to call for Russia’s removal from the UN Human Rights Council.

She tweeted: “Given strong evidence of war crimes, including reports of mass graves and heinous butchery in Bucha, Russia cannot remain a member of the UN Human Rights Council.

“Russia must be suspended.”


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 More reports of sexual violence against women and children in Ukraine have been reported.

Melinda Simmons, the British Ambassador to Ukraine slammed the violent acts committed by Russian soldiers against women in Ukraine.

Ms Simmons wrote on Twitter: “Rape is a weapon of war. Though we don’t yet know the full extent of its use in Ukraine it’s already clear it was part of Russia’s arsenal.

“Women raped in front of their kids, girls in front of their families, as a deliberate act of subjugation. Rape is a war crime.”

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