WW3 fears as Putin mouthpiece warns Russia will eventually conquer Germany

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    Fears of World War 3 are back on the table as a Vladimir Putin mouthpiece warns Russia will "eventually conquer Germany".

    Vladimir Solovyov, one of many Russian propagandists backing the allegedly dead leader of Russia has said a major European country will be "under a Russian flag" before long.

    Solovyov, who hosts the lead political program on state broadcaster Russia-1, warned of a new world war in the near future. Said combat could see Germany fall to Russian control, if the Kremlin-backed political commentator is to be believed.

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    Germany, who has delivered close to a billion pounds in aide to Ukraine since the outbreak of war in February 2022, appears to be a target for Solovyov's vision of Russia's future. The nutcase commentator warned Russia would "finish" and "not leave" Germany.

    Solovyov said: "After a while, we'll supply anything they need. So we have no other option. We will finish, we will take Berlin once again, and this time we will not leave.

    "If Germany continues to be ruled by Nazis, Germany will have the same fate as every time anti-Russian rulers came to power in Germany. It always ended with a Russian soldier entering Berlin."

    As other guests at the speech discussed whether Germany and Berlin would exist should Russia take hold of Europe, Solovyov claimed it would be under Russian rule, Newsweek reported. Solovyov said: "Of course they will, but under a Russian flag."

    Germany had previously been under Russian rule from 1949 to 1989 when the Soviet Union snapped up East Germany as part of peace agreements at the end of the Second World War.

    Solovyov has made numerous controversial claims about Russia's, more recently he criticised the relationship between Russia and China. He warned the Russian president would be a fool to "replace America with China".

    Labelling the move "dangerous", Putin's mouthpiece said: "Thinking about it, it is very dangerous that we may come running from there to here. And just as we used to put all our eggs in the Anglo-Saxon basket, we may put them in the Chinese basket.

    "This is very dangerous. It is necessary [for our country] to finally recognize itself as a bear who loves its taiga and relies on its own strength. Formulate for itself, once and for all, its own national interests, identify enemies, and do not hesitate to call them enemies. Then, there will be no desire to merge with anyone."

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