Young Queen seen as fresh-faced beauty at her first Epsom Derby in 1946

Footage has emerged of the Queen attending her first-ever Epsom Derby way back in 1946.

It was the first Derby since the dark years of World War II and the Surrey racecourse missed out on bringing in crowds for its most famous events.

The Queen, then just the 20-year-old Princess Elizabeth, was captured on film attending the event with her parents King George VI and the Queen Mother in front of adoring crowds.

Within the next six years after Epsom, the Queen would be married to her husband Prince Philip and become the monarch upon her father's death in 1952.

With worries about Her Majesty's health and people wondering if she will be able to attend Royal Ascot after missing the Epsom Derby this year, the film is a reminder that like all of us, the Queen was young once.

The Queen at Epsom in 1946

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Her Majesty the Queen attended the Epsom Derby as Princess Elizabeth in 1946 and it was captured on film.

The famous race has been run every year since 1780 and is one of the most prestigious races in the horse-racing calendar.

In front of thousands, including the royals themselves, Airborne, ridden by jockey Tommy Lowry, was the first past the post on a famous day.

Also in attendance was Queen Mary, the Queen's grandmother and mother of Edward VII and George VI.

In the footage, the royals can be seen arriving at the racecourse via train and then car, which blew through a "windswept" course in front of cheering crowds.

The video commentator can be heard saying: "The royal party had a tremendous reception from crowds lining the route."

Elizabeth can be seen smiling at the crowds from her car, before accompanying Queen Mary into the stadium.

Clear in the video is the now odd fact that Elizabeth was not the main attraction at a royal event, playing second fiddle to her reluctant dad George.

Will the Queen go to Royal Ascot?

It appears as if it has not yet been decided if the Queen will attend Royal Ascot this year, after she missed out on Epsom.

She was replaced at Epsom by daughter Princess Anne and her husband Sir Timothy Laurence. Royals also in attendance included Zara Phillips and her husband Mike Tindall.

The Queen's attendance at Royal Ascot this year is possible, but we simply do not know if she will be able to attend just yet as doctors assess her ability for engagements on the day of the event.

She has suffered recent health scares and what the Palace calls "episodic mobility issues", and her appearances have been limited even over the recent Platinum Jubilee weekend.

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