Zelensky shows heart-wrenching video to Congress as he pleads with US Need you now

Ukraine: Zelensky shares video of destruction with US Congress

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President Zelensky appeared before US politicians and begged the country to introduce a no-fly zone to protect civilians from Russian airstrikes. He told American officials he “needs to protect the sky” and made several references to moments in US history such as 9/11 and Martin Luther King’s speech. To illustrate his point, President Zelensky shared a graphic video of the devastation in his country caused by Russian airstrikes as the chamber fell silent and watched.

Before his video was shared, President Zelensky explained how the no-fly zone would help his fight as Ukraine struggles against Russian airstrikes.

He said: “Watch one video, a video of what the Russian troops did in our country, in our land.

“We have to stop it, we must prevent it, preventively destroy every single aggressor who seeks to subjugate other nations.”

The two-minute video was then shown to the US politicians which documented the destruction of Ukrainian cities by Russians.

Apartments were shown to be blown up and injured children were shown in hospitals.

The video then ended with the message “Close the sky over Ukraine”.

President Zelensky also drew upon American history to try and convince the politicians to support him.

He said: “In your great history, you have pages that would allow you to understand Ukrainian history. Understand us now.”

Ukraine: Zelensky addresses US Congress 'I have a dream'

The Ukrainian leader then made references to Pearl Harbour and 9/11 and said those attacks were being replicated in his country.

He also referenced Martin Luther King’s famous speech, adding: “I have a dream, these words are known to each of you – today I can say I have a need. I need to protect the sky.”

President Zelensky also directly spoke to Joe Biden in English and said: “I wish you to be the leader of the world. Being the leader of the world means being the leader of peace.”

Ukraine officials state they have no trouble fighting Russian tanks and troops on the ground but are massively struggling to fight back their airforce.

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In response, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK Government would consider sending more anti-air weaponry to the region, including the Starstreak anti-war defence system. 

When asked why the UK would not support a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey explained on LBC that the move would not have a tactical benefit as many Ukrainian cities are being sieged by artillery.

He added a no-fly zone could also bring NATO into the conflict which he says would work to Putin’s benefit of undermining the unity of the West.

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