Zelenskys protectors liquidate 12 Russian kill squads sent to assassinate him

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Ukraine's heroic President Volodymyr Zelensky has managed to survive "more than a dozen" assassination attempts since the war began, one of his advisers has claimed.

President Zelensky has remained in Ukraine's capital of Kyiv throughout the conflict and has used his time to rally the country's defence against the Russian invasion.

However, due to the presence of covert Russian kill squads in the capital, not a day has gone by without the president being in mortal danger.

Indeed, the head of the office for the president Mikhail Podolyak has gone on record stating that the president and his family have been the subject of more than a dozen assassination attempts.

However, on each occasion, their wannabe killers were "liquidated" thanks to the efforts of a "very powerful network of intelligence and counterintelligence."

Speaking to Pravda, he said: "Our foreign partners are talking about two or three attempts. I believe that there were more than a dozen such attempts."

Of these attempts, two of which are thought to have been orchestrated by the infamous Wagner Group – a team of cutthroat mercenaries that have infiltrated Kyiv.

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After their deployment in Ukraine, each member of the 400 man hit squad was given a list of 24 names.

Along with President Zelensky, the list is thought to include the prime minister, the cabinet, the mayor of Kyiv, former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir.

According to The Times, since the group infiltrated Kyiv they have attempted to assassinate President Zelensky two times but have been foiled by his security team – who were tipped off by anti-war elements within Russia’s Federal Security Service.

In both unsuccessful attempts, the group has sustained losses with a source telling the newspaper it was “eerie” how prepared Zelensky’s security team appeared to be.

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