I went to the Labour conference and here are six reasons why the Tories can win

Keir Starmer covered in glitter in conference protest

The mood at the Conservative conference was fractuous and gloomy while Labour in Liverpool was optimistic and upbeat.

So it is not surprising that this week’s Techne UK tracker poll confirms that Labour seems to be on course for victory with their 20 point lead restored.

But all is not lost for the Tories. Everyday at the Labour conference they were given reasons to hope – and it is the very people who will be running the country should Labour regain power.

From green taxes to the war on motorists to energy insecurity and open borders to the clear attempt to lock Britain back into the EU, Labour’s top personalities revealed the less palatable side of their party.

Here are six reasons the Tories could still win a sensational shock victory.

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1. David Lammy

The shadow Foreign Secretary was in many ways the gift that keeps giving for the Tories – and to be fair he has been for a while.

First, we had the extraordinary admission that he wants to take the UK into a “security pact” with the EU.

That is code for an EU army by the way because Britain is already in an alliance with most of the EU in Nato and has an agreement on moving military around the continent.

David Lammy was, of course, an ardent Remainer who wanted a second referendum and infamously thought Brexiteers were “worse than the Nazis”, so we not be surprised that he will be pursuing policies to take Britain back into the EU in all but name.

The kicker for him at the conference was on the attacks on Israel.

While he had comendably resisted the antisemitic left of his party on supporting Palestinians and instead describing Hamas as terrorists while defending Israel’s right to self defence, he ruined it all at the end by going to a major pro-Palestinian event at the end of conference.

This was more a reflection that the Israel hating lobby within Labour is so powerful that Lammy had little choice. But it is a reminder of what is to come with Labour in power.

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2. Angela Rayner

The most exciting thing that happened to Angela Rayner at this year’s party conference was when a protester caused a bit of chaos before her opening speech.

In fact, Rayner was largely kept under wraps and away from any serious exposure or controversy.

Nothing like in 2021 getting tipsy and calling Tories “scum” near to a dictaphone.

She could also be seen in the Pullman Hotel breakfasting with her people at the opposite end of the dining area to Sir Keir Starmer and his people on Sunday morning. So perhaps not the warmest of relations as some have speculated.

All this shows that Labour are nervous about their deputy leader because she never seems far away from a political car crash, and that there are clearly tensions at the top.

3. Mark Drakeford

The joy for the Conservatives is that Mark Drakeford and his Welsh government have been hailed as the model for a Labour UK government by both Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner.

Drakeford may be about to retire but the bets are on that he will be replaced by someone equally as leftwing with equally bonkers policies.

Remember this is the man who has randomly imposed mass 20mph speed limits across Wales and banned the building of new roads.

He is so bad he makes Sadiq Khan look like the motorists friends.

His series of painfully woke policies also include an outright ban on the most effective rat traps which experts believe will lead to a rise in disease and foot shortages in Wales as well as a shortening of people’s life expectations.

When the Tory attack machine comes to play in the election they will be crawling all over Drakeford’s record in Wales.

4. Yvette Cooper

Apart from her keynote speech former leadership contender Yvette Cooper did not have a starring role at the Labour Party conference.

This may be because they do not really want to talk about how they will tackle illegal immigration – or at least not in specifics.

The truth is that Cooper along with Starmer made a deal with the EU which will hand control of quotas to Brussels and mean the UK gets at least another 100,000 extra illegal migrants.

Added to that she intends to open up “safe routes”.

This means that millions of people on the move in the world will be able to come and claim asylum in the UK.

Cooper represents Labour’s open borders policy and in what will be a major election issue this will help the Tories especially in those former Labour red wall seats.

5. Sadiq Khan

No list of reasons the Tories can win a shock fifth election in a row can exist without Sadiq Khan’s name appearing on it.

Again, Khan was not given much of a platform in Liverpool although he was at a number of fringe events.

But, like being kept away from the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election, this is because Labour knows Khan’s brand is toxic.

There is still a chance he may be replaced as the candidate for London Mayor next May.

The simple reason though is the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) with the £12.50 tax per day on thousands of drivers.

Perhaps more damaging to Labour is the well founded suspicion that once in power they will be rolling out ULEZ across the UK as well as equally unpopular Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and more Green taxes.

After all, Angela Rayner has admitted as such.

6. “Sir Bore-a-lot”

When a protester throwing a glitter bomb at you is the only thing that sparkles about a keynote conference speech as party leader then you have a problem.

After his hour long cliche ridden drone fest, one fellow listener remarked: “Sir Bore-a-lot strikes again”.

No wonder pollsters have warned Sir Keir Starmer that the election is not in the bag despite a 20 point lead over the Tories.

He continues to fail to inspire even though he should be commended for pulling his party back from the hard left lunacy of the Jeremy Corbyn years.

That said there are still question marks over why he campaigned for Corbyn to be Prime Minister twice.

Also his ability to contantly U-turn and pirouette on policy more times than a ballerina at the Royal Ballet is not going to give confidence in his leadership.

The fact is that at the moment Labour’s lead is built on Conservative voters sitting on their hands and an ability the government is poor, it is not based on any love for Labour and what Starmer and his team have to offer.

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