Nigel Farage warns David Lammy’s Palestine speech could be his ‘true colours’

David Lammy hopes for ‘two states living side by side in peace’

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary speaking at a pro-Palestine event at the party’s Liverpool conference has raised questions about his judgement, coming so soon after the vile terror attacks by Hamas in Israel.

David Lammy told the Labour Friends of Palestine event that he wants the territory to be a sovereign state and for there to be a “lasting peace” between them and Israel.

The event caused a storm beforehand, when it emerged Mr Lammy was set to appear alongside a Palestinian diplomat who said the slaughter of 1200 Israelis was “coming their way”.

Husam Zomlot was billed to speak at the popular annual fringe, and told CNN on Saturday night: “This is a war crime committed by Israel.”

Mr Lammy’s attendance had been in doubt throughout the day, with mixed reports that he may drop out due to the reaction it could spark.

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Mr Zomlot did not turn up to the fringe meeting.

GB News host Nigel Farage has now questioned whether Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary’s speech at the meeting was him “showing his true colours”.

Conservative activist and founder of the Global Britain Centre, Alan Bhogal, said: “Imagine Britain’s shock as David Lammy turns up to give succour at ‘Labour Friends of Palestine’ at Labour Party conference”.

“And this is who Sir Keir Starmer would foist on Britain as our foreign secretary. The absolute state of the Labour Party.”

The Tottenham Conservative branch in David Lammy’s Constituency said their MP’s attendance was “shameful behaviour”.

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While Labour’s conference went largely smoothly, they didn’t escape controversy around the events in Israel.

On Saturday night, Apsana Begum MP caused outrage by posing with activists from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, just five hours after the group announced a protest outside the Israel embassy.

A shadow minister was also forced to apologise for posing with the same activists, saying: “I unequivocally condemn the terrorist actions of Hamas and support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Pro-Palestinian activists at the conference entrance were filmed shouting “shame on you” at a Jewish man trying to enter the conference venue, with one protester reported to have told him “you contaminate our streets”.

One man held a sign claiming “Israel is a racist state”.

Another Labour MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, said there was no point holding a minute’s silence for the lost lives, because “if we’re holding a minute’s silence for the dead in this conflict, we will be doing it every year”.

Jeremy Corbyn also turned up in Liverpool for an off-broadway speech down the road from the official venue, during which he refused to condemn Hamas.

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